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The WebHit Company ... What is a WebHit? is a simple website, about a subject that anyone that has a website regards as important. And that's SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We call it, "Search Engine Opportunities". The question asked ... What is a WebHit? There are 2 answers that The WebHit Company will provide that are simple and as direct as possible.

More WebHits Lead to Website SuccessFirst Answer.

A WebHit is one visit to your website. Too simple? Maybe. Important? Very. If you are trying to expose your website to as many people as possible, each visit is like a breath of air for your website. Information you are about to review will hopefully lead you and your website to the Success you are seeking. Whether you are promoting an important cause you wish to bring to the world or sell products or services to help support your family. You are putting gold on the Internet for your site visitors or customers to prospect and find. The search engines are the "Gold Pan Sifter", the "pick ax" and "shovel".  Therefore, a WebHit, is an Opportunity. The Goal ... More WebHits for Your Website, More Opportunities for Your Success.

WebHit Jukebox LogoSecond Answer.

A WebHit is a Song that becomes a Hit Song on the Web. Hence the musical term, WebHit. The WebHit Company encourages all musicians and songwriters  to create and build their own musical identity and success on the Internet. To achieve the WebHit status for your song, each visitor to your website featuring your music, is like a each note of a symphony. With each note being as important as all the others around it. The More WebHits for your Song, means your song is becoming a WebHit. Which in turn hopefully means more potential Success for your music and career. Goal for You ...

We will help you get indexed on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo ...) Which ever one of these scenarios apply to your situation and website, we will pass on some simple concepts for you to put in place on your website. Many try to make it rocket science. Is it perfect?  No, nothing is perfect and there are no guarantees.  But will bring that science down to earth, make it easy for you to follow through with as it pertains to your website or webhit song and increase your chances of getting indexed and being found on the search engines.

To the WebHit Company, the term "WEBHIT" is a branding, a passion and a way of life on the Internet. is here now, for YOU,  to help all Website users achieve their goals of success on the Web.

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